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Install helper applications

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Detailed installation instructions for some of the programs that are interfaced by Biskit
Install the TM-Align structure alignment program (Zhang and Skolnick 2003).
DSSP is the standard program for identifying secondary structure elements in protein structures.
Installation of the surfrace program for the calculation of accessible surface areas and curvatures.
The classic program for the calculation of electrostatic potentials and electrostatic free energies.
Installation of Prosa2003
Local Blast
Installing and testing local blast tools, databases and environment.
PDB database
Install local PDB database
T-Coffee & Co
Installing T-Cofee, ClustalW and SAP
Installing Modeller (version 8.2 ... 9.3)
Quick instructions for installing XPlor-NIH.
We use Epydoc for building the API documentation of Biskit.
Hex is a rigid body protein-protein docking program which is ranking solutions based on (soft) shape and electrostatic complementarity. It uses (very) Fast-Fourier-Transformation in spherical coordinates to perform a systematic search through the whole orientation space (sampling millions of orientations).
not strictly a helper application of Biskit, VMD is nevertheless a very useful and professional visualization program.
AmberTools 17
AmberTools provides ptraj, reduce, tleap and other packages wrapped by Biskit
Older instructions
Installation instructions for deprecated tools or versions that are not any longer officially supported