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Biskit 2.2 released

It's been a long time since the last "official" Biskit release which, by now, was lagging far behind the subversion snapshot. A new release can now be downloaded from the sourceforge project web site.
Download the file from:

Release 2.2 adds many bug fixes and a few new features to the previous beta release:

  • switch from CVS to SVN version control
  • PDBModel: new report() and plot() function to get a fast overview over the content of a PDB
  • PDBModel: PDBModel( '3TGI' ) will fetch the PDB entry 3TGI directly from the ncbi database or a local mirror
  • PDBModel: new maskDNA() function
  • new is a candidate to replace the old tools.cmdDict command line option parsing for scripts; with type-casting and test fixture built in
  • Statistics/ROCalyzer module calculates ROC areas and their statistic significance
  • new Intervor module wraps the Voronoi interface calculator of Cazal et al (but Frederic hasn't got around to offer a intervor version for download yet... come on Frederic ;o)! )

The installation procedure is the same as described here:

Just replace the svn command by tar xvfz biskit-2.2.0.tar.gz.

Good luck!