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Biskit 2.3.1 released

The new Biskit release simplifies installation and introduces setup packages for Debian, RPM and Windows.
Download the new release from:

Installation has always been a major stumbling block for new Biskit users. At last, I found the time to convert Biskit to the standard Python distutils setup routines. The package can now be installed system-wide with the normal 'python install' command. More convenient Debian, RPM, and Windows packages are provided as well. The Debian package seems to work nicely on Ubuntu but hasn't been tested widely. The RPM package has not been tested at all -- please report success or failure!

The new setup required a change to Biskit's directory layout: The 'test' and the 'external' folder were moved from the project root into the Biskit python package. That means:

old project new project
biskit/external biskit/Biskit/data
biskit/test biskit/Biskit/testdata

The idea here was to have all extra folders nicely bundled with the python package rather than spreading them across your system. This also applies to the scripts and documentation folder. These two remain at the project root, but are copied into the package folder during installation:

svn project after installation in site-packages
biskit/Biskit site-packages/Biskit
biskit/scripts site-pacakges/Biskit/scripts
biskit/docs site-packages/Biskit/docs

Other changes:

  • fixed Intervor wrapper
  • Python 2.6 compatibility
  • no need of installing the old Numeric next to the new numpy
  • remove last dependencies on old Numeric package from test data
  • some minor bug fixes
  • some work-in-progress packages
  • renamed documentation biskit/docs folder to biskit/doc
  • renamed bispy script to

The installation procedure has changed. See:

Good luck!