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Migration to Subversion

We have migrated the Biskit CVS repository on sourceforge to subversion (SVN).
CVS is becomming old-fashioned these days and SVN is the more modern and in many respects better system now.

The switch to subversion means that the command for fetching the latest Biskit snapshot has changed and is now:

svn co biskit

If you previously fetched Biskit from the CVS repository, please, replace this copy by a svn checkout. The CVS repository will be disabled in a while and, from now on, won't receive any further updates. SVN is mostly using the same commands like cvs so you won't need to change your habits much. A brief overview is given here.

Some of the advantages of subversion are:
  • support for moving files and directories
  • many small usability improvements
  • easier branching and merging (which we have stayed away from until now but that's probably going to change)
  • better password handling (i.e. you are bothered less)

Good luck!
The Biskit team