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additional hints for getting some stubborn libraries and programs running.
PVM installation from source
Instructions for compiling and installing PVM from source.
File Python Source biggles 1.6.5_numpy
Deprecated! Use the official biggles 1.6.5 from the sourceforge web site instead! Repackaged version of biggles that is using numpy rather than Numeric.
File D source code biggles 1.6.4 repackaged
Deprecated! Use the official biggles 1.6.5 from the sourceforge site. The biggles 1.6.4 python module -- repackaged with an updated setup script that should be less platform dependent. The modifications only work for the (recommended) installation with "python build; python install".
Biggles troubleshooting
Numeric / Lapack+Atlas
This section describes how to compile the Numeric python module against external (hardware-optimized) Lapack and Atlas libraries.
File D source code pypvm 0.95x repackaged
Modified PVM python bindings bundled into a new and cleaned up installation package. Version 0.95x doesn't officially exist but is our own modified variant. Use "python build; python install" to install the package!
File C source code header pvm-3.4.5 patch
patch that makes the old PVM 3.4.5 compile on newer systems (64 bit and gcc 4.x). Note that the result is still a static and not the needed dynamic library. We recommend using the PVM 3.4.5+7 pre-release instead (see package mirror).
File C source code header pvm_sharedlib patch
This patch modifies pvm 3.4.5+7 for building shared libraries. The modified files are conf/LINUX.def, conf/LINUX64.def and src/Makefile.aimk. If your architecture is neither LINUX nor LINUX64, you will need to manually add the -fpic option to the appropriate conf/*.def file.
File D source code SAP repackaged
Willie Taylors SAP program (structural alignment used by T-Coffee) packaged by Cederic Notredame. See README for license and install for installation!
Prosa troubleshooting
Resolve Prosa2003 installation issues
MSMS troubleshooting
resolve issues with the MSMS installation
Hex troubleshooting
Resolve issues with your Hex installation
T-Coffee troubleshooting
Resolve issues with T-Coffee installations.
Numeric troubleshooting
Numeric has a fragile interface to some Fortran libraries which can lead to weird effects depending on compiler and platform.