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Package mirror

Local copies of third-party libraries and programs used by Biskit.
File application/x-cdf netcdf
NetCDF 3.6.2 library, needed by Scientific Python
File python-egenix
egenix-mxtools 2.0.6 needed by Biopython.
Python bindings for pvm -- modified version.
SAP repackaged
SAP program by Willie Taylor; repackaged for easier compilation by Cederic Notredame.
File PVM 3.4.5+7
Unofficial PVM pre-release from the PVM maintainer (
File ZIP archive zsh and emacs settings
Example configuration files for zsh and emacs -- put them into your home directory.
File python-biggles 1.6.5-1
biggles plotting module. Re-packaged for compatibility with automatic setuptools installation.
File ZIP archive
Clean ZShell settings files.