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Installing Biskit

This section guides you through the installation of Biskit and its helper applications.
Short instruction
...well, kind of short. These instructions should cover most cases.
Install prerequisites
Step-by-step instructions for installing all libraries and programs needed by the Biskit module itself.
Helper applications
The list of third-party programs that can be used by Biskit
Setup environment
Adapt Biskit to your local environment.
PVM Howto
Get your PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) up and running.
Testing Howto
How to test your Biskit installation.
Install helper applications
Detailed installation instructions for some of the programs that are interfaced by Biskit
additional hints for getting some stubborn libraries and programs running.
Package mirror
Local copies of third-party libraries and programs used by Biskit.
Ubuntu installation log
A log of a complete Biskit installation from scratch on a fresh Ubuntu 7.04 server.
Biskit Virtual Machine
For a quick evaluation of Biskit, we provide the VMware snapshot of a Ubuntu server with the complete Biskit package and many helper applications pre-installed.
Windows installation
At least the Biskit core library should also work on Windows. We just haven't really tested it on this platform. The interface to external programs may or may not work. Please report your experience!
Mac OS X installation
How-to for installing Bikit under Mac OSX.