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Biskit 2.0.0 released on Sourceforge

The first 'official' Biskit release can be downloaded from

Until now, we have referred everybody to the public CVS archive and anyone clicking the big green `Download Biskit` button on sourceforge would only find an empty page. This was perhaps a little discouraging, especially now that our Bioinformatics application note on Biskit should get published within the next days. Biskit-2.0.0 will find it's way to the sourceforge download servers within the next hours. The installation procedure stays the same as described here, just replace the cvs command by `tar xvfz biskit-2.0.0.tar.gz`.

We have been busy with cleaning up test cases and weeding bugs but not every single problem could be fxed in time.

Good luck and a Happy New Year!
Johan & Raik