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contributions to the Biskit project.

Biskit has originally been developed by Raik Grünberg and Johan Leckner during their time in the group of Michael Nilges at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Several people have helped with this project:

  • Michael Nilges
    • xplor recipies/scripts for PCR and normal MD
    • detailed protocol for homology modeling
    • many hints and advise...
  • Michael Habeck & Wolfgang Rieping
    • fast rms-fitting (
    • OO-wrapper around pypvm --> PVMMaster & -Slave class for parallelisation
    • PCA in
    • lognormal statistics (
    • fuzzy clustering implementation
    • countless helpful discussions over one or two or three cups of coffee
  • Olivier Perin
    • cross-validation (template modeling)  in Biskit/Mod
    • first parallelisation of homology modeling
    • help with Biskit/Mod documentation
  • David Giganti
    • alpha-testing of Biskit/Mod
    • idea of cross-validation with template modeling
  • Peter Schmidtke
  • EDParser (parse Electron density maps)
  • Victor Gil Sepulveda

FRET - related tools (see svn branch polysys0.5)

Coiled Coil analysis and SOCKET wrapper (see svn branch polysys0.5)

Alexander Gryzlov

BioUnit -- extract biologically relevant assembly from PDB

Please don't hesitate to drop me (raik) a mail if you feel I forgot you or somebody else!