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Related Links

Links to related information and projects
The Python Programming Language
The language in which and for which Biskit is written.
MMTK - the Molecular Modelling Tool Kit
Konrad Hinsen's Python library for molecular simulations. The main features are an object-oriented molecular dynamics simulation engine and methods for normal mode analysis and lattice modeling of protein structures.
MGLTools - Structure Visualization and Analysis
A set of python modules from the Molecular Graphics Lab at Scripps. The library focuses on visualization. It provides a graphical front end to Autodock and promotes a visual programming interface for connecting python components without writing code.
Python tools for computational molecular biology. Biopython is THE python library for classic bioinformatics, that is for working with biological sequences and databases. The library also contains a small PDB module for some structural work. Compared to Biskit, I would say the scope of Bio.PDB is rather limited but you should check it out if your work is mostly sequence-centered to start with. Biskit.Mod is using Biopython as an interface to sequence searching.
ISD - Inferential Structure Determination
A python program and library for NMR structure calculation based on Bayesian inference (rather than heuristic optimization). ISD is developed by our former colleagues Michael Habeck and Wolfgang Rieping who have also contributed to the Biskit code base.
Review of Python IDEs
A helpful comparison and discussion of integrated development environments for python programmers. We are mostly coding in emacs but especially WingIDE is worth checking out.
Very good graphical development environment for Python.